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Night Life

In a search for new methods to capture social landscapes, I wanted to do more than simply capture what is there. I wanted to give some kind of life to these forgotten spaces, evocative of the atmosphere and suspense that are not part of their narrative thread. The drama unfolds elsewhere while the build-up of tension is frozen to become the memory of an event that will never take place. In this work, photos are given improper functions: significations are inversed and form and content merge. Shapes are dissociated from their original meaning, by the system in which they normally function is exposed. Space and landscape are examined in less obvious ways. Initially unambiguous meanings are shattered and disseminate endlessly. 


My works are an investigation of concepts such as authenticity and objectivity by using an encyclopedic approach, quasi-scientific precision, and by referencing documentaries, ‘fact-fiction’ and popular scientific equivalents. By putting the viewer on the wrong track, I try to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which entice the viewer to make new personal associations.

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