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RAW:Cleveland presents HOLIDAY RAWK 2019

RAW spotlights independent talent. This is not your average art show. We are loud, colorful, creative, and all about supporting local art. We are RAW!

RAW Artists returns to Cleveland to spotlight local independent talent in visual art, film, fashion, accessory design, music, performance art, beauty, handmade crafts, tech, and photography. My work was discovered by RAW in October 2019 through Instagram and it has been a great experience to present my work alongside so many talented artists. The support I received from the other artists and everyone who came to experience the show has been overwhelming. Thank you for allowing me to share all my work with you. The feedback that I receive is so rewarding. Thank you RAW for making this experience so incredible. I am looking forward to participating in more RAW shows in the future when it is safe to host art shows again. I have plenty of new work to present! Here are some pictures of my display from the RAW show in Cleveland, Ohio.

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